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Voice-Enable Your Worklist

Clario’s reporting workflow gives you the tools you need to efficiently dictate results and manage workflow with voice commands, offering radiologists the ideal workflow experience.


voice_button_blueCloud-Based Voice-to-Text
Clario integrates cloud-based voice-to-text allowing radiologists to dictate reports anywhere. Real-time, secure voice-to-text populates directly into Clario’s report editor. Clario’s partners provide HIPAA-compliant technology with medical dictionaries and radiology language models to deliver highly accurate speech recognition.


template_isolated_blueTemplate Management
Create comprehensive and consistent report templates across your practice that auto-populate with data radiologists need to be included in reports. With Clario’s superior management tools you can easily manage collections of templates, get real-time feedback from radiologists and provide radiologists freedom to select their personal structure level.


Report Editing
Give radiologists more control over the report. You can choose the font style, tables, images, and lists. The report populates in real-time while dictating, allowing radiologists to see the report as it will be delivered.


qu_control_blue60pxQuality Check & Coding
Ensure your radiology reports exceed quality standards. Clario’s quality check is configured with your quality check rules to provide immediate feedback to the radiologist. With Clario’s quality measures module, you can select the MIPS quality measures you want to track and automatically code reports in real-time.


Report Distribution
Provide consistent and professional results back to your physicians via HL7, email, web portal, or fax. Clario’s report distribution can be configured to send ORU, PDF, or RTF formats through the mechanism needed by your physicians.



Benefits of a speech-enabled worklist

  • Application consolidation
  • Voice control over other key worklist features

Benefits of cloud-based VR

  • VR that will run on any PC, in any setting
  • No software to install or maintain

Benefits of Standardized Templates

  • Reduced missed reporting opportunities on incidental findings for greater reimbursement
  • Consistent reporting across your practice
  • Quicker turn around times