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Voice-Enable Your Worklist

Clario’s new workflow plugin integrates Nuance’s secure cloud-based clinical speech recognition technology, providing customers with a zero footprint voice recognition solution. By speech-enabling Clario’s Smart Worklist, customers can further improve operating efficiencies, increase physician productivity and satisfaction, and raise the overall quality of patient care.


voice_button_blueVoice Recognition
Nuance’s Dragon Medical is embedded in Clario’s smart worklist. Dragon Medical provides accurate speech recognition software in the cloud so you can dictate reports anywhere. Real-time, secure speech-to-text populates directly into Clario’s report editor. Dragon Medical is HIPAA-compliant and uses medical dictionaries with radiology language models to deliver highly accurate speech recognition.


template_isolated_blueTemplate Management
With Clario’s template management you can create comprehensive and consistent report templates across your practice, or preload your system with templates from Eidetico Radiology Solutions.


qu_control_blue60pxQuality Check
Clario’s quality check module provides access to clinical guidance and immediate feedback on the quality of your report.


Benefits of a speech-enabled worklist

  • Cost reduction
  • Application consolidation
  • Voice control over other key worklist features
  • Reduce reporting mistakes with real-time quality checks

Benefits of cloud-based VR

  • VR that will run on any PC, in any setting
  • No software to install or maintain

Benefits of Clario’s Template Management

  • Standard templates across your practice
  • Superior template management
  • PQRS Compliance

Creating and managing templates is easy with Clario’s Template Management and Quality Check.

For additional information, check out the Clario Cloud VR – Data Sheet.

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