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Is Your Worklist Making You Smarter?

Posted on 02/28/17

Here are a just a few examples of the smart things your worklist should do:

  • Send a reminder to do your peer reviews when the system realizes it is a slow day
  • Automatically give you work unit or RVU credit for performing approved non-reading tasks
  • Texts the on-call radiologist when the practice gets busy
  • Assigns exams in a load balanced way
  • Moves exams up or down the queue based upon service level agreement
  • Computes work units based upon the actual amount of time it takes your Radiologists to dictate specific procedure codes
  • Shows you productivity metrics by shift as well as radiologist
  • Shows you quality metrics by shift as well as radiologist
  • Shows you exactly the exams you should be reading.  Nothing more and nothing less, sorted the right way.

A smart worklist makes your business smarter and your radiologists happier. Don’t make the mistake of not investing in your radiology group. It can be transformative.