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Clario’s Takeaways from RBMA 2017

Posted on 04/27/17

Clario exhibited at RBMA 2017, and unlike past years, exhibitors were able to join sessions. Below are a few takeaways from the sessions and overall RBMA 2017 experience.

  • Yes, RBMA is not cheap to attend (for exhibitors or attendees), but with it being a single meeting instead of two separate meetings (as it has been in the past) it was well worth the money. From meeting topics to networking events and food and drink offered, it was clear that RBMA had attendees in mind. If you did not go this year, we highly recommend attending next year, we know we will.
  • Structured reports are starting to gain traction. Not only do they allow for radiologists to talk less, required fields can’t be biased and exam code matching will help with the quality of reports resulting in a higher reimbursement, aka, more money.
  • Want to make your private practice or health system the best it can be? Communication is key! If your imaging departments are completely siloed from each other, things will slip through the cracks, patient care will be hindered and findings can be missed. Connect with your colleagues and referring physicians.
  • We are in the time of AI…whether you like it or not, so now is a good time to start trying to harness it. It is becoming more and more clear that human + machine solutions = a winning combination. Don’t fear AI, it’s here to help overall healthcare (and here to stay).
  • If you are part of a private radiology practice that is trying to engage with a health system, there is no magic bullet but there are a few things you can do that may help.
    — Make sure you know the history of the health system
    — What they are saying they want, may not be what they actually want. Try to uncover the “true meaning” of what they are telling you. How to do that…
    — …Make personal connection
  • Making radiology better is something that every radiology practice must do if they want to keep their business. Two of Clario’s customers presented what they’ve learned. Here’s what we took away from their  presentations:
    — Invest in IT infrastructure. For both groups, this included investment in PACS, voice recognition, HL7 interface and Clario’s worklist. The increase in efficiency provided by Clario’s   worklist resulted in a 15% productivity improvement. This will pay for your investment in IT.
    — Communicate with your customers. Whether evaluating new technology, collecting data or improving your services, your customers like being involved. They will be more engaged and connected to your business if you communicate with them.

We hope to see you next year at RBMA 2018!