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Application Plugins

Expand your workflow capabilities with Clario’s plugin applications which integrate seamlessly.

Smart Reporting Workflow

Clario’s Smart Reporting Workflow provides customers with a VR solution that can run on any PC, superior template management and real-time quality checks. By voice-enabling Clario’s Smart Worklist, customers can further improve operating efficiencies, increase physician productivity and satisfaction, and raise the overall quality of patient care.

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Customer Portal

Clario’s Portal plugin enhances the radiology experience for your ordering physicians and technologists. Clario offers two implementations of the portal depending on the needs of your physicians.

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Framework Plugins

Enhance the functionality of your worklist with Clario’s frameworks which provide seamless data integration from varied applications.

Linqed Workflow

With Clario’s Linqed Workflow multiple Clario systems can be linked, allowing practices to provide teleradiology services, subspecialty reading services and operations support to other groups using Clario’s worklist.

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Coming Soon! AI Integration

Clario’s AI plugin provides an interface for your AI vendor to provide meaningful information to your Clario worklist.