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Private Practice Solutions

In today’s world of competition, mergers and strategic partnerships, practices that deploy the right systems and processes stay in control. Clario’s workflow tools help you become more efficient, demonstrate your quality, and drive up practice value. Private Practice groups can compete in today’s market, and a partnership with Clario is the best way to start.

How Clario’s Worklist Can Help Your Practice

Increase radiology efficiency to turn around exams faster and meet SLAs.

Connect to your customers. We make the radiology practice accessible to your customers so results can be clarified and the patient gets the best treatment.

Ensure the right radiologist reads the exam and optimize subspecialty reading.

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Worklist Features


At Clario, our primary job is to ensure each radiologistis presented with the right exams to read, sorted according to the reading needs of the group.


We include a variety of tools to keep radiologists productive, measure their productivity and improve performance.


Clario’s worklflow are all designed to help radiologists manage their interruptions.


Clario has integrated workflows for all of the radiologist’s non-reading tasks, including peer review, follow-up, and communications with imaging stakeholders.


Clario’s worklist can launch over 50 different viewers, VR systems, EMRs and documentation systems.


Clario’s Analytics provides individualized metrics allowing radiology practices to make data-driven decisions.


Worklists, alerts, reminders and notes are used to support your operations team’s processes for supporting radiology. Whether tracking down priors, fixing exam issues, or delivering results, Clario can build workflows to keep operations efficient and effective.

Private Practice Plugins

Radiology Portals

Further increase communication with your customers through Clario’s Portal plugins. The Portal provides exam and patient management, chat, communication notes and discrepancy notes. Clario can integrate the Portal into your customer’s systems or as a stand alone web site.

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VR in the Cloud

Further increase your operating efficiency and reduce costs with Clario’s VR in the Cloud plugin and template management platform.

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Here's how we'll do it

Here at Clario, we have developed a unique tool for radiologists—workflow management software. Our software allows radiologists to reconstruct their workflow with our comprehensive worklist, portal and practice management tools, making their day-to-day operations and patient care more productive and efficient.

You may be wondering how such a cool idea came about. Clario was founded by the intersection of two ideas, application hosting and radiology department quality programs.


First we setup your team. You’ll get assigned a Customer Success Manager and a Senior Implementation Engineer. You’ll also have access to Product Management and if we uncover specific needs that we can’t meet with existing tools.


Your Clario team works with you to understand and define your business goals, which might include:

  • Connecting your radiologists on a single workflow tool
  • Setting up metrics to measure your efficiency and quality
  • Optimizing the efficiency of your radiologists and support staff
  • Improving TAT and increasing subspecialty reading
  • Improving communication with referring physicians


Together, with your IT team, we configure your system to meet these goals. As we configure your system, your IT team will begin their super user training and prepare for your go-live.


Clario will support your go-live however is best for your group. Many groups have their super users train the radiologists and support staff with Clario on the ground for backup.


Once you’re up and running, we continue to work with you to support your goals and respond to the needs of your changing practice. This is our specialty.

Browse our website to learn more about how Clario can help take your radiology practice to the next level.

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