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Considerations before trying to use a PACS as a unified worklist

Most private practices have now recognized their need for a unified worklist.

Reconstructing Health System Radiology

Most health systems have been through at least a little consolidation. This usually results in 2 or more siloed radiology departments. Breaking down the silos can result in a faster, better and less expensive radiology department, but getting this done can seem like a daunting task.

Clario Analytics - Drive Your Business with Data

All the data you need to completely optimize your radiology practice is in a properly deployed worklist.

How to get data from your hospitals (and why you should)

Data has become critical to running a business. This is why the most crucial business task for every radiology practice is to get access to all data related to the exams they read.

Data Sheets

VR in the Cloud Radiology reporting with integrated cloud-based voice recognition powered by Nuance Dragon Medical.


Smart Worklist Overview
Why Private Practices are Broken and How to Fix Them

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